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XPro First Information
Xpro is a crypto-mining infrastructure service provider that specializes in X12 mining. XPro enables private, as well as wholesale and business customers to easily and efficiently mine digital currencies. Through years of experience as consultants and as an infrastructure service provider, XPro offers the highest level of professionalism required to provide the computing power and care necessary to mine crypto currencies.
The Xpro data centers are located in Sweden. They are operated by professionally trained specialists and are constantly optimized to make mining as efficient as possible for their customers. Xpro has decided to only mine one currency and concentrate all its energy on it. Upon careful analysis, Xpro management chose X12 crypto-currency, because the X12 Coin is a technically advanced open source coin which places emphasis on user friendliness and also offers an extensive ecosystem.

For more information on the various packs available to mining X12, click here

XPro Career
XPro offers its independent distributors the opportunity to participate in a successful incentive program by recommending the XPro platform to third parties.
If you want to earn money with XPro actively, you should download the 9-page PDF file with the XPro commission system, the XPro Compensation Plan, possibly even print it out and study it extensively.

Download here commission system statement in English

XPro Merchants

The amount of partners who uses X12 as Payment option in growing very fast.
The easiest options for X12 payments:

1. Payment from SkyWallet to SkyWallet
Standard option: Person A sends Person B X12 Coins from a Wallet (Cold Wallet) in another wallet. The secured transaction is encrypted and is sent anonymously via the blockchain. This transaction may take several minutes. The fees depend on the transaction, as with all other crypto currencies.
SkyWallet will soon be offering a “Hot Wallet”, which will allow you to send X12 coins in just seconds with minimal fees. These transactions between two SkyWallets are incredibly fast and cheap.

2. SkyPayment for Business – PayPal for crypto currencies
SkyWallet has developed a business solution, which will allow any web shop to accept X12 coins easily and safely as a form of payment. This works with “SkyWallet for Business”.
How does it work? Just create a free SkyWallet and accept X12 payments.

Option A:
SkyWallet for business can be used on any website. Via an API interface you can make payments on any website, similar to the PayPal “Buy” button. You will automatically receive the necessary information and interface descriptions after signing up for SkyWallet for Business.

Option B:
To make things even easier SkyWallet has developed a WordPress plugin for shops that use WordPress (FYI: WordPress is the most popular system for creating websites). With this plugin, “SkyWallet for Business” can be used on more than 1 million web shops with just a few clicks, and can also be used by tech-newbies.

Advantages of “SkyWallet for Business”
• Price in Euro is given by the seller, price in X12 is calculated automatically
• Payments from different customers will be assigned automatically
• Your own user interface to view and manage sales

The option that best suits you depends on the system you are currently using. Anyone can quickly receive payments with a SkyWallet “Hot Wallet”. If you have a web shop with WordPress, then SkyWallet for Business plugin is the best option for you. If you have a different website (meaning not WordPress), then, SkyWallet for business API is the better option. You will receive all the information after your free registration with SkyWallet.
SkyWallet is like PayPal, but for crypto currencies. Everyone has a SkyWallet account and businesses can easily accept payments in X12 coins.



XPro Links & Exchanges

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To undermine the coin there are several packs that one can buy and start, following values:

We take 2 packages and let’s take an example of how they work:
In all packages, after buying it, you wait for the installation and synchronization of the computers in the Farm, this provides a wait of 4 weeks before starting to mining.

Example “XPro 500” This package runs for 14 weeks (every Wednesday pay)
Purchase on 01/December/2017
End of synchronization on 01/01/2018
From 01/January/2018 to 07/January/2018 mine coins
From Wednesday 10/January/2018 and for totals 14 wednesday the coins are received.

Esempio “XPro 7.500” This package runs for 14 weeks (every Wednesday pay)
Purchase on 01/December/2017
End of synchronization on 01/01/2018
From 01/January/2018 to 07/January/2018 mine coins
From Wednesday 10/January/2018 and for totals 18 wednesday the coins are received.

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For information or quick contact:

Whatsapp: +39 347 94 13 950

Telegram: @Melisbrixen

@mail: info@melisworld.it